Publishing Projects

How to publish your projects using windframe

How to publish your project with Windframe

To publish your project on Windframe and make it accessible to the web, follow these steps:

**Step 1: ** Open Windframe and navigate to the editor.

**Step 2: ** Once you have finished designing and customizing your project, click on the "Publish" button in the toolbar or access the "Publish" section.

Publish project

**Step 3: ** Windframe will provide you with a link to access your published project. You can share this link with others to showcase your work. You can also click the link to take you directly to the site

share link

**Step 4: ** Once you click the button beside the url, it should take you directly to your published project.

Published website

Aternatively, you can also publish your project directly from the account dashboard page.

Publish account from account dashboard.