Creating New Project

How to create new project on Windframe Editor

In Windframe, you have two methods for creating projects: you can either create them from the accounts page or opt for a more direct approach right from within the editor. This flexibility ensures that you can easily start your projects in a way that best suits your workflow and preferences.

Creating a New Project from the Editor

Follow these steps to create a new project from your Windframe Editor:

Log in to your Windframe account and access the Windframe editor.

Windframe Editor

To create a new project, click the menu at the top left of the canvas.

New Project

Select "New Project" from the dropdown menu.

New Project

Provide a name for your project and click "Create Project".

New Project

Creating a New Project from your Account Dashboard

Alternatively, you can start a new project directly from your Windframe account dashboard.

Log in to your Windframe account or sign up if you don't have one.

Once logged in, you'll access the Windframe dashboard.


Locate the "Create Project" button and click on it.


You'll be prompted to provide a name for your project. Enter a descriptive name that helps you identify the project later.


Click the "Create Project" button to initialize your new project.


Optionally, you may select a template or choose to start from scratch, depending on your project requirements.