Importing your CSS code into Windframe

How to Import External CSS File into Windframe.

In Windframe, you can add your own CSS rule sets seamlessly blending your custom designs or styles into your projects with minimal effort.

Please note that importing your custom CSS code may override or conflict with existing styles in your Windframe project. It's important to review and test your design after the import to ensure that the styles are applied correctly, against unintended changes which may not align with your design preferences.

Follow the steps below to import an external CSS file into Windframe:

Step 1: Open Windframe's editor.

windframe canvas

Step 2: Click on the "import" button to access the import options available on Windframe. You can find this in the left sidebar and the canvas toolbar


Step 3: Select "Add Custom CSS" on the menu displayed

custom css

Step 5: Paste your CSS code in the area provided amd click on "Import CSS"

paste code

Step 6: After the import is completed, you will see the styles from your CSS code applied to your elements in the Windframe editor.