How to access Windframe history

How to access project history on windframe

You can access the history of your projects on Windframe by following these steps:

**Step 1: **Open Windframe editor.

**Step 2: **upload or select your template

**Step 3: **To add your project to the history, click on the "save your work" button on the top left side of the toolbar.

Saving your work

**Step 4: **Look for the "History" section or tab, located in the right sidebar of the editor when you are selecting a section of your template and click on it.

history selection

**Step 5: **You will see the current history you are on and other history saving you have carried out on that project.

Current History

In the project history, you will be able to see a list of all the previous versions and changes made to your projects. You can view the details of each version, including the date and time of the change.