Import and visually edit your Tailwind CSS
websites, templates and components

Use windframe to easily import and visually edit any tailwind css website. Take advantage of Windframe's visual intuitive features to easily customize any tailwind css template and generate well structured code for your projects in different frameworks

Visual features
to 10x productivity!

We are creating a tool that helps you be more productive and efficient when building websites and webapps
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🖥 Realtime editing using an intuitive interface

Import your websites and templates and edit them visually (Easily add, remove or edit anything from your templates or website using an intuitive interface and seeing how it looks in realtime)

👌Well structured code

Generate well structured and indented code for your websites and templates when exporting them using windframe.

🔌 Prebuilt Templates

Add upto 1000+ prebuilt components /templates from windframe to your website to improve the design of your website/template

✍️ Easily undo and redo changes

Go back and forth your changes or updates easily using an undo and redo button.

👀 Render in various screensizes and devices

Easily see how your website renders in various screen sizes and devices using the different screen sizes available on windframe

🧩 Segmented classes

See all your tailwind classes segmented in the classes box into responsive and normal classes, easily remove and add classes back without typing to see how they affect your website design

🤩 Easily prototype any idea

Play with your website visually. Prototype an idea and see how they look without switching back and forth from code editor to browser

⚡️Export to various frameworks

Go from having just HTML version of your website to exporting the React and Vuejs code for your template/website/component you import into windframe.

✨ Responsive specific classes

Use the responsive classes tab to set only specific responsive classes and see which responsive classes each applied to each element of your website.

Build with your own Tailwind css UI library and unlock massive editor advantages

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Save countless development hours by visually building and editing different projects using windframe

Build forms, components and webpages more efficiently