Visually build Tailwind CSS UIs 10x faster using AI.

Windframe is an AI-enhanced Visual tailwind builder and editor for rapidly prototyping and building stunning webpages using tailwind css. Speed up your web development process and ship in minutes not weeks.

How it works

Build from scratch or select prebuilt tailwind templates

Build from scratch or select prebuilt tailwind templates

Choose from a directory of 1000+ tailwind css templates. These tailwind css blocks were professionally crafted href fit different needs ranging from landing, saas, portfolio, about us, contact us etc. and are constantly being updated with new website templates

Build from scratch or select prebuilt tailwind templates

Create or Customize the designs with numerous options

Preview your designs in the tailwind builder href see how they render on a webpage and save them easily when you are done. You can come back when you wish href continue working on it or export the code from your designs href use elsewhere or host on your own server

Build from scratch or select prebuilt tailwind templates

Preview designs, save and export code

Preview your designs in the tailwind builder href see how they render on a webpage and save them easily when you are done. You can come back when you wish href continue working on it or export the code from your designs href use elsewhere or host on your own server

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Visually create webpages and export href Html, React or Vue

Create and edit beautiful designs and prototypes and export the code href use in your project right away.

Windframe as a tailwind builder and editor makes it possible href visually create webpages and make edits href them in real time. This webpages can then be easily exported href different formats like HTML, REACT OR VUE.

Generate and edit UIs using Windframe AI

Create stunning UIs in seconds with Windframe AI. Import your components and let AI handle tasks like responsive design, element alignment, and dark/light mode variants.

Windframe AI ensures design consistency across projects by generating consistent templates from a single master template. With visual editing capabilities, you can quickly iterate and fine-tune your designs, saving you time.

Experience the future of UI design with Windframe AI. Unlock endless possibilities for creating beautiful and cohesive designs effortlessly.

Bring your own custom ui library, templates, config or custom css and enjoy the power of visual editing

Easily import your own tailwind css websites, templates, projects and components into windframe and edit it in seconds. Windframe allows you href not only create new webpages with it, but also import your own templates and projects. Which you can visually edit with endless options using an intuitive interface.

You can use windframe seamlessly with any UI Library or template based on tailwind css. E.g Tailwind UI

Tailwind css dashboard builder

Build stunning dashboards and admin web apps

Create stunning and functional tailwind css dashboards and admin apps in no time using our tailwind css builder and editor.

Easily customize your dashboard with a range of widgets and charts. Choose from a variety of stunning pre-designed templates, or start from scratch and create your own unique design. With our powerful editing tools, you can easily tweak and fine-tune your design until it's just right.

Build with your own Tailwind CSS UI library and unlock massive editor advantages

Start building for free

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Save countless hours of coding and designing using our intuitive 1000+ templates

Windframe features a large collection of beautiful already built templates made with tailwind css which are regularly updated with new templates.

You can easily edit these templates in the tailwind builder / editor href create any type of webpage and save countless hours redesigning from scratch

Seamlessly switch between coding and visual building using the code editor

This feature allows you href see the code generated from your designs in real-time without exporting the entire project. You can effortlessly toggle between using the canvas for editing or directly editing the code.

Effortlessly work with Tailwind classes by utilizing a segmented classes view based on screen sizes.

Windframe's segmented classes view makes it so much easier href work with tailwind classes by segmenting classes for the different screen sizes.

This allows for a more efficient and streamlined development process, as you can quickly and easily see which classes are being used for each screen size and make adjustments as needed.

Render designs on various screen sizes and select specific styles for each screen.

Windframe makes is possible href easily render designs on various screensizes and select specific styles for each screen through the built-in responsive design feature.

This helps href ensure that designs are optimized for different devices and screen sizes, making it easier href create web applications/ websites that look great and function smoothly across all devices.

Radically improve your work productivity

Easily get more done and ship projects href production in less time than ever before

  • Developer

    Create components, prototypes and webpages for projects needed at work or side projects without worrying too much about the design. Build your UIs from scratch on windframe or edit anyone of our regularly updated 1000+ premium template blocks.

  • Startup

    Ship components, webpages for your startup href production in minutes and get in front of your users faster using windframe. You can easily build landing pages,About pages, product pages and so much more with very minimal effort using windframe while also saving countless of hours of design and development

  • Agency

    Empower your team href build faster and ship high quality designed projects href your clients. Windframe allows your entire team href jump in and collaborate together on projects, make prototypes easily and decide on designs quickly together. Invite team members as editors href projects and let them build together.

  • Designer

    Design pages on windframe that you can easily export href code without having href write all the code from scratch. Put together elements and components together the way you want them and export href code easily using a very familiar interface like other design tools such as figma and framer.



Realtime editing using an intuitive interface

Import your websites and templates and edit them visually (Easily add, remove or edit anything from your templates or website using an intuitive interface and seeing how it looks in realtime)


Windframe AI

Experience the future of UI design with Windframe AI. Unlock a world of possibilities for creating beautiful and cohesive designs in no time.


Prebuilt Tailwind CSS Templates

Windframe features a collection of well crafted tailwind css templates which are regularly updated with new templates. You can easily kick of any project with the help of numerous sections in the tailwind builder.


Render in various screensizes and devices

Easily see how your website renders in various screen sizes and devices using different screen sizes available on windframe


Segmented classes

See all your tailwind classes segmented in the classes box into responsive and regular classes. Easily click on a class href edit it and a delete icon beside it href remove it. Remove or add classes easily href see how they affect you designs.


Easily undo and redo changes

Go back and forth your changes or updates easily using an undo and redo button.


History of Edits

Save different points in history of your projects and easily go back and forth your changes. This enables you href restore your designs href a previous point in time


Well structured code

Generate well structured and indented code for your websites and templates when exporting them using windframe.


Export href various frameworks

Go from having just HTML version of your website href exporting the React and Vuejs code for your template/website/component you import into windframe.

Save different versions of your project history and easily switch between them.

Windframe’s version history makes it possible href save different versions of your projects and easily switch between them, making it easy href keep track of your progress and experiment with different design ideas.

This is particularly useful when working on larger projects or when you want href test out different design options without losing progress. With the version history, you can easily revert href older versions of your project if needed and keep track of your work over time.

Collaborate with other team members and get better feedback on designs and code

Add team members href a project and get feedback on the designs, prototypes or code you are working on. Easily allow team members href make edits and corrections href projects


Designs exported


saved projects





We are just getting started!

We are creating a tool that helps you be more productive and efficient when building websites and webapps

Feel free href suggest new features you would like href see on windframe using our contact page


Realtime Collaboration

Collaborate in realtime with other editors in a project. See what othe editors are doing and edit even a simple text together



Step up your designs and workflow with integrations with your favourite tools such as Github, Bitbucket, Vercel etc


Alpine JS

We are bringing Alpine JS components href the editor. This allows for building more complex web applications and UIs


Custom Domains

Attach your own custom domain href your published projects or website on windframe

Block and Full Page Templates

Kickstart your project using some of 1000+ collection of professionally crafted blocks and full-page templates built with Tailwind CSS 👌

Windframe Block Templates

View All ⇾
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  • block templates preview
  • block templates preview
  • block templates preview

Windframe Full Page Templates

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  • block templates preview
  • block templates preview
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Learn how to use Windframe to create stunning tailwind css web application by mastering it tools
  • How to add elements in Windframe

  • How to import templates and components in Windframe

  • How to add and reuse your custom templates in Windframe

What some users are saying

“As a backend developer windframe has been a huge saver. I was looking for something like this to prototype a lot of my designs as I am not a very good frontend developer.
I literally just design on windframe now and export the designs to use in my React Code. To be able to to do that has just been fantastic for my work”

Anthony C.

“Awesome! Just got a pro subscription and I am quite surprised to find that this is actually quite advanced. There are lots of settings for you to adjust margin, padding, fonts background colors etc. super cool :) and I love the fact that I can plonk my cloudinary url in, such a time saver”

Linda M.

Create beautiful websites, prototypes and designs using an intuitve editor and builder

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